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Desktop Surveys

Preliminary Risk Assessment (Phase 1 desktop study) contamination report to address the condition relating to contaminated land in your planning permission.

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Global Remediations have successfully undertaken hundreds of Preliminary Risk Assessment (Phase 1 desktop studies) contamination reports for clients in locations from London to the far North of England, across Wales and most counties within Scotland.


The cost will vary depending on the type of site you have and whether you need a site reconnaissance survey (site walkover survey).


The Preliminary Risk Assessment (Phase 1 desktop study) is the first stage of the contaminated land assessment process. This involves analysing historical and environmental information for the site and a 250 m radius around the site. A risk assessment report with conceptual site modelling will be undertaken. If this demonstrates no risk from contamination, the planning will be released*.  If further work is needed, this is termed a Phase 2 intrusive investigation and we will liaise with the Local Authority to organise this.


NB The first phase may also be called either a Desktop study, Stage 1a Planning and desk study, Phase 1 Desktop study, Preliminary risk assessment or many other terms depending on the council.

  • Associated services we undertake:

  • Phase 2 intrusive investigations

  • Groundwater testing and monitoring

  • Ground gas monitoring

  • Remediation and validation statements

  • WAC tests for soil waste classification


*Subject to local authority agreement

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