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Case Study

Project: Hoddesdon Anaerobic Digestion Facility




The site, formerly an asbestos landfill had undergone various excavations and generated a stockpile of 8500m3 which was scheduled for removal. It was suspected that an area of the landfill itself had been disturbed during the excavation works and some of the asbestos was now present with the large volume of material.


Aims and Objectives


Global Remediations Ltd was employed to carry out a full survey of the stockpile to establish whether there was a presence of asbestos and if so, the quantity and location so that segregation of materials could be carried out where possible.


Survey Works


Global Remediations Ltd carried a total of 72 phase 1 tests and 12 Waste Acceptance Criteria tests (WAC) utilising window sampling to a depth of approx 4m at 12 No locations in a grid format across the stockpile and assess for contamination including asbestos quantification at varying depths to enable a full assessment of the contamination and to identify any areas that are contaminant free.


Material Segregation


The results showed that only on the top 300mm of the stockpile had been contaminated to hazardous levels and suitable segregation could be carried out to significantly reduce the cost of removal.


Remediation Works


Global Remediations Ltd was commissioned to undertake the remediation works and successfully segregated the Hazardous Waste from the remaining materials.


Whilst all excavation works were being undertaken, the soils were sprayed continuously with a surfactant, PVA and water mix to ensure asbestos fibres were not released into the atmosphere. Air monitoring equipment was deployed for the duration of the works at strategic locations and the results analysed to ensure the results were compliant with the current HSE legislation CAR 2012 Regulations.


The volume of Hazardous materials removed from this site equated to 1465T which were disposed of at a suitably licensed Hazardous Waste facility under a consignment note. The volume of materials removed was verified by weighbridge tickets obtained from the disposal facility.


All materials were removed on 28T artic tipper lorries to minimise the amount of vehicle movements and reduce the carbon footprint.  






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